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A Perfect Balance Between People and Trees

Tree planting, tree protection and a full tree care program - I do it all!  


Professional, timely and tree-friendly.  All according to the 2017 ZTV Baumpflege guidelines!



A little bit of maintenance can save a lot of headaches (and costs!) down the road!  Crown care involves removing defects before they become problems, while minimising the need for larger pruning cuts.  

  • Dead wood removal

  • Removal of problematic growth (rubbing branches, etc.)

  • Removal of vines and other growth that can impact the tree

  • Ensure enough clearance to buildings, streetlights, roads and walkways


Sometimes Mother Nature wreaks a bit of havoc with trees, oftentimes people do too!  With a bit of knowledge and care, I can get your trees back on the road to recovery!

  • Storm damage repair

  • Crown stabilisation through careful pruning or the installation of tree bracing systems

  • Tree repair after what I call 'Arbouristitis' - bad pruning jobs.  A lot of thought and a bit of artistic license can make a tree out of a hat rack.


A good start is just as important for a tree as it is for a child.

I can help you pick the right tree for your needs and site, and get it in the ground the right way.  I follow the FLL guidelines for tree planting.


Unfortunately, removal of a tree is sometimes unavoidable.   Leave the job to me and I'll do it safely and cleanly. 


Challenging situations are no problem for me!  

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